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  • How to Train Like James Bond
    Caleb Daniels
    “The two thirty-eights roared simultaneously. The walls of the underground room took the crash of sound and batted it to and fro between them until there was silence.” –Moonraker. My favorite Fleming novel opens with these beautiful lines, and a real glimpse into the training mentality of James Bond. In
  • Caleb Daniels
    Hello! I’m Caleb Daniels. Commando Bond is dedicated to the firearms, EDC, and lifestyle of 007. I’m so very excited to formally welcome you to the blog! This idea has been rolling around in my head for a while, and I am eager to share this project with you! Here,
  • Caleb Daniels
    “Do try to bring it back in one piece 007” –Q, in most if not all appearances, in some variation or another. With these words, Bond is off. He’s been briefed by M, but before he leaves for his next mission, he is issued a variety of new gear from
  • Caleb Daniels
    In the beginning, there was a Beretta. Not a “Walther PPK, 7,65mm…” but a small, unassuming Beretta, chambered in .25 Auto. Sporting eight rounds in the magazine, and some unique customizations, this handgun was the sidearm of choice for 007 when we first meet him in the pages of Casino
  • The Walther PPK
    Caleb Daniels
    Undoubtedly one of the most iconic handguns of the 20th Century, the Walther PPK has a unique legacy as both the first true concealed carry pistol and 007’s most constant companion. Its stunning profile catches both the eye and the imagination. From the first scenes of Dr. No, we hear


  1. Kevin Cunningham
    August 3, 2021

    New to your page, saw the interview with the Bond experience, looks like a lot of great information. I grew up watching the movies and much later reading all the books. As a gun owner I am intrigued by the firearm choices Fleming made. Would you recommend a PPK for concealed carry in 2021? Or is it just for staying with the “Bond aesthetic”. Seems to me there are better technological advancements and choices than the ppk. But curious as to your thoughts

    1. commbond007@gmail.com
      August 8, 2021

      Great question–and thank you! Had a blast with David. Personally I have no qualms in recommending the PPK for EDC. While it may not be the best in regards to capacity etc, I still find it to be a very comfortable and easily concealable handgun regardless of the situation at hand. What I do recommend if one is interested in the PPK for EDC, is a lot of dry fire and practice. I personally love the decocker and manual safety features on this handgun, not that I have anything against a striker-fired handgun with only passive safeties, they are very practical as well. But with these additional features comes the responsibility to build additional muscle memory in your draw and engagement. I also like having a full size 9mm nearby (as Benson’s Bond did–I was already doing that, then read his books and BEAMED from ear to ear). The P99 is the perfect off-body companion to the PPK, it’s how I carry everyday!


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