Shooting In & Out: My No Time to Die Adventure in Pictures


The words “thank you” seem so insignificant in light of why I say them today. Thanks to the generosity of David, of The Bond Experience, I was blessed with the opportunity to see No Time to Die at a private showing which coincided with the UK Priemere. It was a day filled with early alarms, planes, trains, and automobiles to make it there and back in one piece, and it was worth every bloody second.

Today, I’d like to share my adventure through this gallery of images, because words of thanks can only convey so much. In homage to the stunning BTS photos from Greg Williams photography, I have produced these in black & white.

Thank you David, and thank you to my Dad, who was kind enough to donate the last of his air miles to send me off on my adventure. Thank you also to my beautiful wife, who woke up early to ensure I made it to the plane on time, and who picked me up, PPK in tow (traveling clean is my least favorite endeavor, and I appreciated the rapid remedy).

“Never say ‘no’ to adventuresAlways say ‘yes,’ otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life.” ― Ian Fleming



The day’s accessories. Tie slide by Benson & Clegg. Cufflinks from Magnoli Clothiers.
The day’s essentials. Spare shirt and tie, two novels, and the PPK.
Coffee, very black. Much needed on 4.5 hours of sleep.

A never read copy of You Only Live Twice, ready for the day ahead.
“It is better to travel hopefully.”
Adventures on the L. It’s no Orient Express, but at least I have my FRWL briefcase.

Starting the afternoon right with a proper G&T.
A negroni, a Bond novel, and a perfect view to my venue.
Can we take a moment to reflect on the fact that the coffee shop directly across from my venue just happens to serve cocktails? And could make a negroni?

The Fleming Uniform, with the Benson & Clegg James Tie slide. A subtle No Time to Die nod.

The Press Screening. Smaller & more intimate, it was my preferred room.
Seat C(00)7, a perfect day.
Post viewing smile. This one has yet to leave my face.
The flight home, a book finished, and a note added.

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