The Guns of James Bond – A New Project from Commando Bond & Headstamp

The Guns of James Bond

I am so thrilled to officially announce a project that has been in the making over the last few years. Thanks to the inspiration  and work of such people as Jack Carr, James Rupley, and the encouragement of my incredible wife, I have finally spoken this dream into reality.

The Guns of James Bond
photo credit – Rupley

In late 2022, I approached Headstamp Publishing (the brilliant minds behind the Vickers Guides and other firearms industry leading books) on a project I have been wishing to put together for years – a comprehensive history of James Bond’s firearms, across all novels (Fleming and continuation) and screen treatments. This visual history will celebrate and deeply discuss Bond’s tools, their real world history and designs, and of course, their impact on 007. We have officially begun our process, with copywriting well underway, and photo assets coming together from some of the most unique firearms collections in the country.

The Guns of James Bond

The publication will feature interviews with Bond authors, real world operators from the UK, the CIA, DSS, and more, as well as conversations with the brands behind Bond’s tools. This volume will not just highlight firearms, it will tell their stories, and the real world people who have used them in dangerous places as well. Be prepared to see Bond’s firearms in a way you’ve never seen them before, in a stunning, coffee-table photobook.

This blending of pop culture and reality is core to the mission of the Commando Bond brand, and it is core to this book as well. Not only will we be celebrating the fictional hero of James Bond, we’ll be shining a spotlight on those who operate in the real world with the same tools. My goal with this project is to celebrate this niche of Bond, as well as creating touch points that celebrate pieces of Bond the lay fan may not be familiar with, from educating them about firearms to introducing them to the entire collection of continuation novels.

The Guns of James Bond
photo credit – Rupley

The project was officially announced in an article published in the Watches of Espionage Dispatch, describing the Omega Watches of James Bond, and their legacy in the franchise, read Bond: A Case for Omega to learn more.

This will be the first comprehensive study of all the firearms of James Bond, including every novel (Fleming and otherwise) and every screen treatment of the character. Other critical items, such as his watches, will be discussed in great detail, dissecting the most essential carry implements of one of the world’s most celebrated action heroes, James Bond, 007.
At this time, no publication date or official title has been announced. That said, be sure to follow @headstamp and @commandobond to keep abreast of this project – so much more to come.

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    May 27, 2023

    I like the look of that Tudor Black-bay, pretty close to the design of the OG 6538 Rolex Sub.


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